7 fun summer food and drinks festivals

7 fun summer food and drinks festivals

Most destinations are now showcasing their crops of food at lively food festivals with live music, games, and local specialists. It is a great way to experience and cherish the country’s people with the various traditional tastes of food. Mostly summertime is filled with a lot of celebration, activities highlighting food festivals, different hot dog carts, and bountiful harvests. Further, we will share seven full of fun and traditional food festivals in countries.

Top famous Traditional and Fun food festivals:

1. Wine and Food classic festival in Aspen, Colorado:

Wine and Food classic festival is held in Colorado City named Aspen. The city is located in the Rocky Mountains at the top place. It is a three-day festival which is included with international foodies in the hot dog cart. The food festival is held in June and July featured with more than 70 professional chefs. Wine experts and cooking masters show their talent at this festival.  The festival includes a Pavilion of Grand tasting where people can share their food and wine samples around the world.

2. National cherry festival in Michigan:

In northern Michigan, a Traverse City is present, which is filled with vast territories. Within around 400 kilometers to the northwest of Detroit, the place called itself “Cherry Capital of the World.” Every year from the start of July, all the people around this city combine and celebrate the National Cherry Festival.

The festival itself consists of seven to eight days in which people organize road races, concerts, parades, wine and food festivals, an air show featuring the US Army, and many more. People celebrate the cherry day and make a lot of different drinks and foods like pies, pancakes, Sweet dishes, and preservers. At this festival, people can enjoy festival crafts and arts, fireworks, concerts and many more.

3. Annual taste of Chicago in Grant Park, Illinois:

Every year at the beginning of July, Chicago, invites more than a million people to its yearly Taste of Chicago celebration in Grant Park. The festival extends for almost five days in which local sellers fill the territory, offering a cornucopia of delectable treats to hungry people. The celebration, which has been the feature of Chicago’s late spring occasions schedule since 1980. In this festival, people bring a lot of cooking techniques from throughout the world. The city’s different population represents themselves in different ways by making different foods like pizza, kebabs, tacos, and dumplings served from food trucks and spring up cafés.

4.  Cheesemaker festival in Vermont, Shelburne:

In the mid of July, every year, cheese lovers prefer to make a get together on the idyllic lakeside view of Shelburne. People from the entire Vermont make different wines, ciders, beers, artisanal foods, drinks, and various cheeses. Cheese lovers show their talent in making goat cheeses, cheddar cheeses, and a lot of cider drinks. People cherish together and make several foods and drinks to demonstrate their state of taste.

5. Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California:

At the end of July, the Garlic Gilroy Festival takes place in California. The Gilroy city takes place within one and a half-hour drive from San Francisco. The festival focuses on all food and drinks included with garlic. The small community started this festival a decade ago and celebrates the region’s garlic crop with around 10,000 people. Those people who want to experience the food infused with garlic are participating in this food festival every year. Special foods like garlic fishes, garlic fries, garlic flavored cakes are shared in this festival.

6. Lobster Maine festival in Rockland:

Rockland, Maine, is a beautiful city situated along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The people living in this city have been inviting guests to its Maine Lobster Festival since 1947. At this famous festival, you can get everything that costs only a dollar. Nowadays, the celebration traverses five days toward the finish of July and the start of August and incorporates expressions and artworks sellers, jubilee rides, a motorcade, shows, and over 11,000 kilograms of lobster presented with more than 900 kilograms of spread.

You can dive into delightful lobster rolls, or air out a delicious lobster tail bubbled until splendid red and presented with the softened spread.

7. Food truck festival of Bay bites in Alabama USA:

The Bay Bites Food Truck Festival has gotten one of the best food truck celebrations in North America. It includes the best food trucks in the zone, allowing celebration goers to top off on burgers, wings, tacos, crab, crepes, and yogurt. The entire family can appreciate Bay Bites because of its various garden games. There is even a waterslide, laser tag, face painting, and different children’s amusement alternatives. The celebration is facilitated by the Young Advisory Council and happens at Cooper Riverside Park directly on the Mobile riverfront.

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