6 things to look for while buying a new smartphone

6 things to look for while buying a new smartphone

If you wanted to buy the best camera phone under 15000 in India or even a new pop up camera phone, then you may see many models available across brands. It may confuse you which one to buy and not.

But if you can consider a few key pointers beforehand, it may help you buy the best smartphone matching your needs and budget. Know more as you read on!

  • The display

Nowadays, the trend of large display mobile phones is ruling the Indian market. Phones with a display size of 6 inches and more are being launched. This way, a user is able to enjoy videos, web browsing, movies, games and more on a large display. Hence, you should first decide if you want to buy a large display phone or not. You will find many phones with 6 inches and above at affordable prices in India.

  • The battery

What is the use of your multi-featured smartphone if it fails to provide you with enough juice to last an entire day? The battery capacity of your best camera phone under 15000 matters to help you last long without plugging it for charging. Nowadays, even budget smartphones in India are coming with bare minimum 4000mAh+ battery power. Also, you can find phones with 5000mAh batteries, along with fast charging in the market. Thus, you should always consider if you are an average user or a multi-tasker and buy a device with enough power to support your needs.

  • The processor, RAM and storage

The processor of your phone matters in helping it run smoothly and without hitting lags and hanging glitches. Qualcomm Snapdragon processors are known to be the best in the business. Also, a higher RAM capacity means not facing any hanging and other operation issues – 6 GB RAM mobiles in today’s time is right for multitasking, and 4 or 3 GB RAM is suitable for an average user. Similarly, a 3 GB storage is apt for an average user, while a heavy user will find 64 GB/128 GB internal storage promising.

  • The cameras

The Indian market is seeing the launching of phones with dual, triple and even quad rear cameras to help you click photos in different conditions. These days, you can also enjoy the pop up selfie feature by bringing home a pop up camera phone. The best part is that you won’t need to spend a higher amount to access more cameras.

  • The reputation of the brand

The next thing is considering the brand value of the mobile phone company that you are looking to invest in. The Indian market is dominated by brands like Xiaomi, Realme, Samsung, Oppo and Vivo. If you are buying a phone of any of these brands, then you will get the best of performances, along with value for money and after-sales services.

  • The age of the device that you are investing

It may be a smart thing and tempting to go for a refurbished device to save money, but you must consider a few aspects beforehand. If your phone is 2-5 years old, then it may stop getting vital software updates and security patches. What’s more, with apps getting powerful, your device may not support enough power to run the latest photo editing software or games. But if you just want to restrict your usage to calling, texting, checking emails, clicking a few pictures and alike, then a refurbished model may suit you.

You are now well aware of the aspects that you need to consider to help you bring home the best mobile under 15000 with good camera technology as per your needs and budget. You can also start shopping around by comparing all models in your budget and then pick the best option.

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