Best flexible bed base

How to choose the right bed frame

Despite its discretion, the bed frame is one of the essential elements to obtain comfort and aesthetics in your bedroom. Deco finder offers you to peel this accessory to help you choose the one that best meets your needs.

For what use? 

Before any purchase, it is important to determine your needs precisely. The purchase of a bed frame is necessary when one wishes to obtain an effective support for the mattress and the box spring.

Then pay attention to the dimensions, whether for length, width, depth but also those of the edges of your frame. Designed for single bed or double bed, these structures offer various designs.

If you already have a mattress, it will be easy for you to determine the size of the frame. Otherwise, your choice will mainly depend on the size of the bedroom or the place reserved for the reception of a bed.

When purchasing a bed frame, choose large dimensions. If it is intended for a child, it may be advantageous to purchase an adjustable single bed.

Adequate material

Most often made of metal, the bed frame is also found in wood.

For metal we find iron or copper as recurring materials. Economic choices, they offer stability to all tests and allow to obtain adjustable structures.

For wood, it is common to see the use of cherry or oak. This material brings an undeniable warm appearance to the bedroom but remains more expensive. Best flexible bed base

Several models

Most of the available models are sold in kit form. Offering headboards and footboards, these elements must be consciously chosen because they are not adjustable.

There are also models in separate pieces. These are suitable for changing uses because they allow acclimatization as needed, from one to two places.

In order to ensure the good quality of the chosen product, it is important to carefully examine the joints, and the solidity of the whole. If your model has casters, also check their condition.

What style of frame?

The style of your bed frame will have characteristics specific to your needs. If you want to increase your storage space, a boat bed will increase the possibilities of arrangement thanks to drawers tucked below.

As part of a simple search for aesthetics, there are for example column beds. Very popular with individuals, they bring a certain charm to your interior. For children, especially newborns, there are also models with bars to prevent falls. There are many possibilities, and your bed frame becomes much more than just an envelope.

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