How To Design The Perfect Bottle Label?

How To Design The Perfect Bottle Label?

Labels on the bottles of the products are the identity of the brand, they are the main attraction that lures 60% of the customers towards them. The drink labels are the ones that do the main marketing of the drink or the product, it states how good the product is. Most of the customers judge the products by its labels and if it is enticing and engaging enough, then they purchase the product without any doubt. For acquiring all these benefits, one has to design their labels in the perfect way possible.

Here, we will go through some points that should always be kept in mind while designing the drink labelsor the bottle label. Some factors that you should include on the labels of bottles to increase its quality and look in front of the customers are:-

  • Your story in the form of a picture- People nowadays are very concerned about their brands, which is why they look forward to knowing the background of the brand, so that they can trust the product completely. And, because labels do not have the required space, that you can fit the whole thing in words, here is when you can portray your story on the label with the help of images. You can use the right colors, the right design for enticing the customers.
  • Connection- Add ways to connect with the customers on your label, you should provide both offline and online ways for them to directly connect with you. Your contact number is what covers the offline part and your social media details and information is the one that covers the online part. For getting the customers to engage with you more, you can ask them to leave their reviews about the product on social media by the help of hashtags or by the brand’s name, which will make them more directly connected to you for their requirements.
  • FDA Guidance- In today’s time, people have become a lot more concerned about their health and the first thing that they look in the labels are for the ingredients that are present in the product. For this and the other legal reasons, it is very important to provide the nutrients and FDA information on the label of the product.
  • Labeling material- One of the most important factors is that you should only use the perfect material for your labels. Some good quality materials are Kraft paper, Matte paper, Metallic foils, Ribbon material.
  • Size- You should always consider the size of the label according to the size of the bottle. The size of the label adds elegance in the look of the product.

These are some ways and factors that would immensely help in the making of the perfect design of the drink labels. If the labels are designed according to the above mentioned points, the position of your brand will automatically rise in the market.

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