Low-light tolerant houseplants that thrive in dark corners

Low-light tolerant houseplants that thrive in dark corners

Are houseplants something you enjoy? Do you have any dim nooks or chambers in your house? Don’t worry, however; you may put plants in your room in areas that get very little light, and they’ll grow just fine. And many still refer to them as “plants for a dark room”. Indoor plants from Kuala Lumpur flower delivery can thrive in low-light conditions. They are a great option for anybody who wants to add some greenery to their space but whose windows don’t let in a lot of natural light.

  • Philodendron

We have prioritized Philodendrons, which should not be maintained in direct sunlight, as a high priority. Leaves may be scorched by direct sunlight. The philodendron is a kind of tropical plant endemic to the Americas. In addition, the glossy green foliage of a Philodendron may brighten even the darkest of spaces.

  • Fern of Boston

The clusters of tiny, light green leaves make for a stunning decoration for any interior area. And remember that your Boston Fern prefers low light and the darkest part of your home. Once a month is all that’s needed to prevent this plant from drying out in a gloomy environment.

  • A tree native to China

One of the greatest houseplants for low-light conditions is the Chinese evergreen plant. Instead, you should keep it in extremely low light and keep it out of the sun if you’d like its green leaves to be thick and dark in color. This is the best approach to get this look. They are little maintenance and develop slowly. It releases oxygen, which has been shown to boost efficiency.

  • Planta d’Aglaonema

Aglaonema’s green stems and patterned, large leaves make it an attractive plant. Aglaonema is an excellent option for low-light settings since it can hold its own for extended periods. Remember that the plant is sensitive to temperature changes.

  • Tear-Dropping Fig

If you’re looking for an excellent air purifier houseplant, you may be shocked to learn that NASA has investigated the weeping fig tree. NASA research found that it helps cut down on air pollution caused by chemicals including formaldehyde, benzene, &¬†trichloroethylene. Reduce your water bill and make your house more visually appealing by pruning trees and bushes. There is no need for bright lighting here. It’s one of the most lovely low-light plants you can get.

  • To Grow Sago Palms

The sago palm may be tucked into a spare corner if you’d rather not overcrowd the space or leave it vacant. The Sago Palm is the best option if you want a tall plant for a dimly lit environment. Although it thrives best in dry, warm conditions, it can tolerate some dampness and light shade. This slow-growing plant requires clean water to be sprayed on it. The leaves might be harmed if you overwater them.

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