Romantic Flowers for Valentine’s Day

One of the most popular occasions for sending flowers worldwide is Valentine’s Day. Your special someone will be waiting for a bouquet of roses to celebrate the love shared between the two of you. Fresh flowers are an amazing gift for any occasion, let alone on such a special day. The most popular gift on this occasion is exotic roses, and a lot of people decide to send a bouquet of red roses for Valentine’s Day. However, why not consider other flowers this year to send a unique floral gift? After all, there are many romantic flowers other than roses too!

So, which other romantic flowers can you send to your Valentine?

  • Daisies are a gorgeous flower type that is flexible and suitable for many occasions. This flower expresses innocence and conveys loyalty. The gerbera daisy is also a romantic flower which you can give to someone with whom you are not involved in a too serious relationship. You can give the daisy to your new girlfriend.
  • Tulips are the emblem of romanticism along with red roses and are the second most popular flower worldwide. The red tulip conveys romantic love, while the purple tulip is a symbol of royalty. Both colours are adequate for Valentine’s Day.
  • Orchids are an elegant flower type, which evokes mystery and elegance. They are widely sent on this romantic occasion, as they show a loved one how special they truly are.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is nothing without a bouquet of flowers. In fact, flowers are what constitute Valentine’s Day, and the traditions associated with this holiday would change if people had to stop giving flowers to their special someone. Undeniably, florists are extremely busy on this day, and flower delivery is only the beginning. In order to be prepared for this occasion, online florists everywhere make sure that their flower shops are well stocked with roses and these mentioned flowers. Flower shops are also hectic during this occasion as many people decide to order Valentine’s flowers in advance. In most cases, it is best to pre-book a floral arrangement. This will ensure the delivery is made right on time, and the quality of the floral arrangements is not compromised.

For your peace of mind, make sure you place the order for customised and combo bouquets and flower boxes at least a day before the big day arrives. You can rest assured that your flower order will be processed on time.

Additional tidbits

You can go ahead and make other preparations for this special occasion, like planning a romantic dinner or going out on a movie. We also take care of your other gift requirements, like chocolates, wine, champagne, teddy bears and balloons.

With same-day delivery not being available on this occasion, whether you want to send roses or other types of flowers, or perhaps a mixed flower bouquet, nothing will be impossible. If your lady fancies getting an assortment of different flowers in bouquets or flower boxes, convey the customisation to the floral delivery agents by specifically asking them about such compilations. Get your lady a bouquet which includes roses and other romantic flowers such as carnations and orchids.

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