What is Critical Thinking? Why is it Important for MBA Aspirants?

What is Critical Thinking? Why is it Important for MBA Aspirants?

Critical thinking, a necessary academic discipline, is essential for students who want to pursue an MBA. Given the nature of management education today, critical thinking skills are looked at while completing assignments, analyzing data, reasoning or communicating. Critical thinking is a process. In simple words, it is the ability to understand things and question the probable result of actions. This generation of students is facing the business world, which is fragile and highly volatile. Business managers need to deal with a diverse range of problems with a calm mind and decode the difficulties to find the solutions. Critical thinking skills enable them to make wise decisions by considering all the variables. The article explains what is critical thinking and why critical thinking in education is essential.

What is Critical Thinking?

As described earlier, it is the ability to understand and analyze a situation to provide a solution. However, the definition has evolved. Some insightful critical thinking now means being reasonable and deciding what’s faithful should be done.

The Importance of Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a skill every student must learn. Critical thinking in education is related to problem-solving skills in the class and applying them to real-life problems. There are several skills taught while learning critical thinking skills. Below mentioned are a few undeniable reasons that reflect why critical thinking is essential:

It is Universal: Critical thinking skills are not subject-oriented. It means irrespective of your field or position; these skills will always be more rational and relevant. These will benefit your success and boost your career.

Crucial for Economy: The world is evolving faster with innovations, technologies and information. Critical thinking skills are needed to solve problems effectively as quickly as possible.

Language and Presentation Skills: When you are developing your critical thinking skills, it enhances the ability to present your ideas efficiently. To practice critical thinking, you need to think clearly and systematically. You should know when to break the texts and improve your ability to comprehend.

Advances Creativity: By practising critical thinking in education, you will be able to develop new and creative ideas and solutions to problems. Critical thinking allows us to analyze these creative ideas and adjust them as needed.

Elevates Autonomous Learning: Critical thinking in education helps you to be more self-reliant and independent learners. It also allows students to evaluate their learnings and determine their areas of strengths and flaws. It helps them focus on the solution in a better way and set their goals accordingly.

Important for Self-Reflection: Without critical thinking skills, there is no meaningful life. This skill is needed for self-reflection to justify your ways of life and opinions. It provides you with the tools to evaluate yourself in the way you want.

Improved Grades and Achievements: When critical thinking skills are learned, it shows an improvement in academic performance. Students can connect their theoretical knowledge by learning practical that improves their overall learning. They can build a deeper understanding and critique, which is evident in their grades.

Basis of Science and Democracy: The democracy with scientific facts, critical thinking skills are necessary. Theories need to be backed up with knowledge. For an effective functioning democracy, citizens (including students) must have critical thinking skills to establish their opinions about what’s right and wrong.

Being Emotional: Critical thinking usually helps in effectively using emotional appeal by being logical. It’s easy for students to let emotions take over at times, but critical thinking skills can support the situation.

Necessary for Teamwork: Lastly, critical thinking in education helps students understand others’ perspectives and views by enhancing the ability to work in teams. It allows them to learn that there can be numerous solutions to a problem and work together to work on one. It helps in developing the abilities of cooperation and not making decisions on assumptions.


Critical thinking is more than just necessary! It is one of the most crucial cognitive skills one should learn. By practising these skills well, both your thoughts and decisions can make a positive change in your life, on both professional and personal stages. You can remarkably improve your life by working on your critical thinking skills as repeatedly as you can. A critical thinker would be able to make objective decisions and develop problem-solving skills, one of the essential components of an MBA. Thus, it is a skill that MBA aspirants need to possess to simulate real-world conditions. The courses offered by IIM Udaipur provides students with a transformational learning experience environment to apply critical thinking against real-life situations. Learning more about the courses offered by IIMU in MBA can expose you to lessons about critical thinking and help advance your career. You can know more about the courses and curriculum here!

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