Answers To What Does Microneedling Do

Answers To What Does Microneedling Do

Reducing the tell-tale indications of aging is something that most individuals are eager to do. Unfortunately, it is impossible to turn back the clock. Of course, you keep trying! It is indeed exciting to learn about various anti-aging treatments that include both invasive and non-invasive procedures. Dermatologists and cosmetologists agree on the efficacy of microneedling too and endorse it wholeheartedly. You should try and learn the related facts by asking, what does microneedling do

Well, it is interesting to note that it is one of the most minimally invasive procedures that are capable of addressing a majority of skin issues including wrinkles, laxity of skin, and pigmentation.  Yes! Acne marks can be diminished considerably as well. Many women are elated at the thought of being able to flaunt their beautiful body once and wear a bikini with abandon thanks to microneedling hat you may know as collagen induction therapy as well. 

Microneedling: An Overview

You may describe it as an effective cosmetic procedure. The procedure involves pricking your skin with tiny needles that have been sterilized perfectly. The wounds all over the concerned body pat will induce your body to generate additional quantities of collagen and elastin. This action causes your body to repair the damaged skin and keep it taut. The elasticity of the skin is restored once again courtesy elastin. 

Microneedling Uses

  • Reduction of acne
  • Decrease alopecia (hair loss)
  • Eliminate hyperpigmentation (lightening of dark spots on the skin)
  • Reduce the number of large pores on the skin
  • Retain elasticity of the skin
  • Remove scars and sunspots
  • Diminish stretch marks
  • Eliminate fine lines and wrinkles

Reasons to opt for microneedling

This process is more affordable than surgery and a host of other skin treatments that reduce aging. It does use any form of heat or light to address the problem areas. This makes it work successfully on individuals with darker skin. The color or texture of the skin is not affected adversely either. However, it is always best to ask your dermatologist and take his/her opinion before undergoing the therapy. 

Who performs microneedling?

A doctor who is a specialist in skin problems can perform the procedure along with a trained cosmetologist. It is always better to have it done in a sterilized clinic rather than a beauty salon or at home to ensure safety.  There are multiple DIY equipment available in the market too. Be warned about using them as you may inadvertently hurt yourself and be infected in the process. 

What happens during microneedling?

  • The entire procedure will only take about 15 to 20 minutes of your time depending on the extent of the skin that is covered. 
  • It is not a one-off procedure, however. you may need up to 6 sessions to see the difference
  • The professional will rub a numbing lotion/cream into the area so that you do not feel any pain. A microneedling tool will be rolled over the area, making tiny cuts. There will be some bleeding during the process. 

Do not be anxious to know what does microneedling do? Rest assured, you will find your body start to heal immediately afterward with the skin becoming firmer and smooth after the sessions.

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